Rustic Hickory Kitchen Set

From: $1,222.00

Product Overview

Handmade by Amish craftsmen in Pennsylvania.

Please note: this set is made with rustic materials and may have minor imperfections like small checks and cracks. It is important to maintain a stable environment with hickory wood, as it can change more than other woods. Hot, dry houses can cause shrinking and cracking. Damp houses can cause swelling and warping.


  • Rustic Hickory
  • Clearcoat
  • Deer Engraving


  • 40 x 48 Leg Table
  • 2 Side Chairs
  • 2 48" Benches

Lumber Options:

  • Only available Rustic Hickory
  • Only available with clearcoat

More Options:

  • Custom size tables (special order, potentially extended lead time)
  • Individual pieces can be ordered (see store)
  • No engraving on chairs or benches (lower price)
  • Table top cannot be engraved